What Is Freelance Blogging And How To Start [2021]

For as long as blogs are around, blog writers will be needed making it a feasible profession

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Did you know that it is possible to publish your writings in various media and get paid for it? 

And the best part of it is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. 

If that sounds like your dream job, let me tell you about freelance blogging and how to start. 

What is Freelance Blogging? 

Freelance blogging is an online job where you will have to write blog posts or articles for a certain webpage or blog. 

There are many topics you can write about but it will mostly depend on the clients you are working for. 

This is a job that implies an employment relationship that is more independent than an employee would have in a company’s workforce.

Blogs generate a lot of traffic on the Internet, look at the statistics of Blogging Basics 101 and you will realize that it is without a doubt a feasible niche to turn into your long-term job.

Source: Blogging Basics 101

Freelance blogging involves researching, structuring, and of course, writing. 

But the writing part is just the result of a process that the freelance blogger has to do first. 

So, it is not just about being a good writer but also someone with initiative and creativity to give each article interest and quality.

Skills Needed 

Since you are going to be writing posts that, hopefully, a lot of people are going to read, you must make sure of having good grammar and writing style. 

However, on some occasions, the writing style will be defined by the necessities of your client. 

This is not a strict requirement but being a fast typer will give you some extra points. And of course, you must enjoy writing. 

No Need for Certification or Degree

There is no specific certification that qualifies you to work in freelance blogging. 

It does not matter what degree or certification you have or if you do not have any, you can still develop your skills and work in this niche. 

Also, depending on your academic or work experience, you can specialize in a specific subject since you will have more knowledge than the average freelance bloggers in that area.

Find Your Niche

There are many topics you can write about and while you can be open to many options, it is better if you find a specific topic that you handle and that you enjoy writing about.

By specializing in a subject, you will increase your experience in that niche, you will gain credibility and you will be able to increase your job opportunities.

Think about what type of client you would like to have, what type of professional subject you would like to address, and try to obtain more and more projects in that area. 

You can also write different articles on the same topic on your blog to use it as a sample of your domain over it. 

This will also make your job easier because the more you master a topic, the easier it will be to approach and write about it.

If you find a topic that you genuinely enjoy, you should consider writing about that. 

Let’s suppose that you love cooking and everything related to culinary art but you found a job writing about the medical industry.

If you research and learn about the topic, you surely will do your job well, but if you find a job related to what you are passionate about, you will enjoy it more, the topic will not tire you and it is something you will love to do for many years. 

Can You Stand Out in Your Niche?

The short answer is: yes! 

But how can you do it if there are so many other freelance bloggers doing the same? The thing is that yes, you have the same job but you are completely different individuals and you must find what is that that you can offer to your clients and that it differentiates you from the rest. 

Your creativity, your writing style, your way of approaching the topic, your way of telling stories. 

Types of Niche You Can Choose

You can write about everything because there is a public for each topic you can think of, but to make things easier here is a couple of popular niches you can focus on:

  • Gastronomy
  • Travels
  • Veganism
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Celebrities
  • Literature
  • Marketing and social media

Establish an Online Presence 

Since you will be working on freelance blogging, it is essential to be present on the internet because that is where your clients will find you and where you will be getting new projects and opportunities to work. 

You have to find a way to show potential clients what you do and the experience you have in your niche, and the best way ( to do this is by having a portfolio website.

Have Your Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is a place where you can show your work and demonstrate your experience to your potential clients. 

There, you will include the projects where you have participated so everyone who visits your website can read the material that you have written. 

Also, it is important to include your contact information and besides that, there are other important aspects that you should consider including in your portfolio website to make the most out of it.

The key to being a respected freelance blogger is to transmit professionalism and you can achieve that by giving to your personal brand the same treatment as if it was a company or a formal job. 

Establish work hours, a formal means of communication with your clients, and you could even think of a logo or slogan that defines you. Adjusting those details will also help you sell your work better.

Treat It as Your Business Card 

Your portfolio website can be the same as an online business card. 

Remember that this may be the first impression your clients will have of you, so make sure that at first glance they can understand the type of work you do. 

The good thing about having a portfolio website is that just by sending a link, your potential clients can take a look at your work and experience.

Better to Have a Professional Domain

Your domain name is the identity of your website. 

It is the name that people will recognize your blog and give an insight to what it might offer. 

Making a first impression mostly happens once hence getting it right should be a priority, let’s agree that www.yourname.com sounds more professional than yourname.wordpress.com.

Domains are mostly affordable starting as low as $0.99 from places such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Choosing the right platform

Surely many web pages offer you to create a blog or portfolio easily, but the best thing you can do is to have your own website that you can manage and above all, with a domain that belongs to you.

As claimed by Pingdom, WordPress is the most popular option among freelance bloggers because it is simple to use, regularly updated and has many plugins for your selection. 

Although WordPress itself is free it does require hosting. Most users choose Bluehost as their web hosting since it is trusted by many and is recommended by WordPress itself. 

Source: Pingdom

The interface is very easy to use, so no expert-level knowledge is required to interact with it, which is perfect if you do not have much experience using services like this.

Wix is also a recommended option for those who want to create their portfolio website with ease, with very attractive results, and without the need for programming knowledge. 

If besides having zero computer knowledge you have little design experience, Wix offers a wide variety of templates to have a better-looking page.

Of course, if you decide to create your website, remember to update it regularly so that it does not look like it is abandoned. 

Also add links from your social networks on your blog and vice versa, so that your potential clients find you more easily.

Guest Post

While freelancing means working independently, that does not mean you should isolate yourself from other workers in your niche.  

Having a portfolio website gives you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues by making guest posting. 

This consists of writing a post for the website of another writer and that writer writes a post for yours, in this way the audience of both will know the work of the other and this will increase the chances of getting a job opportunity.

Be Active on Online Groups

Any tool that helps you strengthen and increase your online presence is welcome and being present in online groups certainly increases your chances of being known and landing new jobs. 

These groups are usually made up of other freelance bloggers or people who often need these services, so it is an ideal space to promote your work and be aware of job offers.

What is Associated With Freelance Blogging (the Art of Blog Posts) 

Writing may seem very simple to some, but the reality is that it is a job that requires effort, learning, and knowledge. 

Not everyone can write an article that attracts readers, that informs and entertains at the same time, but anyone can learn how to do it, and here are some keys to achieve it and improve your work as a freelance blogger.

Not Writing Bulk Sentences

It might sound silly, but large paragraphs can overwhelm the reader. 

The important thing is to give the necessary information bluntly, to keep the reader interested and focused on your blog post. 

Try to write everything in three sentences or less.

Including a Call to Action 

Always invite your readers to do something with the information you gave them. 

If your article is about 5 ways to increase followers on Instagram, challenge them to make an Instagram post where they have to present themselves to their followers. 

Also, this call to action can be for them to share your content or to do something specific. 

Calls to action are important because as stated by Blogging Basics 101, customers respond positively to blog posts and 61% of US consumers have been motivated by a blog post to buy a product.

Source: Blogging Basics 101


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to optimize your content so that it ranks better in web search engines. 

If you manage to position your posts organically in search engines, you will get more traffic on your website and this will translate into more audience viewing your content, increasing your chances of getting clients.

Knowing about how SEO works and how to write articles following that structure is something that will add you extra points when applying for a job opportunity because this skill is something that clients look for a lot. 

Consider taking a course that teaches you on this subject and it will be a great investment you will make in your career as a freelance blogger.

Take a Short Course

Never stop learning is good advice for anyone and since there is not a specific career or certification that makes you an official freelance blogger, it is recommended to take courses that improve your writing skills. 

A good course you can take is Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass dictated by Tyler Speegle, available on Udemy.

Skillshare is another platform that offers a lot of courses useful for freelance bloggers, you can learn about writing and blogging but also about self-marketing, which is extremely important to promote your work. 

Other Short Courses You Can Take

Create Sample Work on Your Blog 

To sell something you must showcase it and in the best way possible. 

Write a couple of sample articles about the topics you want to specialize in and start building your experience around that niche. 

Remember to take care of each detail since that will be the first impression your potential clients will see. 

Pinterest is a good option to optimize the content you create. 

You can post images or infographics that are linked to your post and thus you will receive many more visits from Pinterest. 

The visual appeal of this photo-based platform makes it the perfect ally for disseminating content. 

Nowadays people want to know more about the writer behind the screen and if you show your particularities, surely you will be able to connect with a certain type of audience. 

You can be a mother who works from home, someone who left their office job to start working from home, a person who emigrated to another country. 

Whatever your story, you can attract more people to show them that despite your circumstances you decided to start freelance blogging to turn it into your monthly income, and you are achieving it!

Show the human side of your brand identity, that there is a person behind all the great ideas people can see in your portfolio website.

This is a highly used technique among copywriters and freelance bloggers. 

Some freelancers blog about themselves on their social networks and this makes them closer to their audience. How? 

Telling about their job experiences, giving pieces of advice to other freelance bloggers, and talking about the brands they have worked for. 

Build Trust with Potential Prospects

Showing sample works to your clients will increase their confidence in your work. 

Building trust is very important because that will not only ensure that you get new clients but also that the ones you already have stayed with you and refer you to others.

It is worth investing time and money in everything that can strengthen your professional image since, like any investment, it will generate a reward that translates into new jobs and more earnings.

Learn to Pitch Yourself

If you start working as a freelance blogger, today more than ever is a good time to promote yourself as a professional. 

As you know, as the internet grows as a way of communication, the demand for content writing services increases.

Learning to pitch is a crucial part that any freelance blogger should know; this (among other crucial aspects) will essentially come down to you getting job opportunities and more clients. 

Of course, it is essential to offer well-written blog posts, but if you are doing a great job but cannot find a way to sell it, what is the point? 

Give your job the recognition it deserves and learn how to generate profit from it.

A blog is just one of the digital marketing tools that allow you to contribute valuable content and at the same time gain more visibility in search engines. 

Also, the content format that is created on a blog is based on written text, making it perfect for a writer. 

Anything that favors your blog will also increase your chances of getting clients. 

If your content has the quality and provides information of great value, your readers will want to share it, and when they do they will create new links that will point to your blog. 

These links are a factor that contributes to improving SEO so that your potential readers will find you more easily on Google.

Many freelance bloggers just focus on doing their job and completely forget about promoting it. 

Remember that everything that expands your online presence will be positive for selling your work. 

Self-marketing should go hand in hand with your work as a freelance blogger, no one else will be in charge of selling your work!

Job Platforms Where You Can Start

There are job platforms for freelance bloggers that will make your job search easier. 

The good thing about using these websites is that there will be more trust between the client and you since the platform guarantees trustworthy clients, so it reduces the problems that may exist regarding payments and deadlines. 

The downside is that some of these platforms charge high percentages for generated earnings and with so much demand, it can also be a bit difficult to find a job. 

However, if you are starting your career as a freelance blogger these are some recommended options:

Job board platforms are websites that help companies to get employees for their business or long-term vacancies. 

Typical features on these pages include candidate tracking, email integration, and search tools that match suitable candidates and positions. 

In case you need a partner to complete a task or any other project, you can use the already mentioned job platforms to advertise job vacancies.

Attention to Detail Will Land Your First Job 

When you enter a job platform you will surely see many interesting proposals with attractive payments that will make you want to apply immediately. 

But applying to all offers without a fixed goal can be a waste of time. 

As a freelance blogger, you too can be demanding in terms of the characteristics you require from a job.

Each time someone posts a job offer with specific characteristics, it is for a good reason. 

Do not feel bad if you do not fit in the profile they are looking for, instead, take it as characteristics that you should improve to find more appealing jobs in the future. 

If you apply by not fitting the profile, it could be annoying for the client because they have already made it very clear what they are looking for. 

Besides, if you do not fit the profile it may be because you are not yet suitable to work in that position or simply that the job is not for you. 

But do not worry, many other offers will be better suited for your professional growth.

Make sure you are applying to something that is at your level and consider that it takes time to grow as a freelance blogger and you should not rush to jump from your level to another. 

Chances are that initially, you will only fit in small projects that do not pay too much, but this will be necessary while you build your experience. 

Little by little you will be able to dare to delve into more ambitious projects. However, you can also practice on your own to develop expertise for larger jobs, for example by writing sample works of a certain number of words or that implement SEO optimization.


Your niche is full of many other people with whom you could support yourself to grow professionally, especially to find new job opportunities. Although you are a freelance blogger, a good company never hurts. 

It is okay to have a competitive spirit to get selected for jobs, but this does not mean that other freelance bloggers are your enemies. 

Take the time to meet people in your niche, so you will have close people who can advise you on payments and job offers, on topics or writing techniques that you do not know, and who can also recommend you to other people so you can work for them.

You also should consider doing guest blogging. 

The advantages for the guest blogger of writing in a blog that is not their own are several; from increasing the visibility and professional relationships, to talking about topics that they do not normally cover, or generating links to the blog. 

For its part, the blog gains different content, variety, and the possibility of attracting new users. It is a benefit for both parties.

Another great idea to stay in touch with colleagues of your niche is to join online groups. 

These are places for writers to lean on and there you will find people willing to answer your questions, a community of many other freelance bloggers that you can meet and may even invite you to do some collaboration. 

It is an excellent option to meet people in your niche.

What It Takes to Succeed

Starting freelance blogging can be more challenging than starting in a traditional job and you will need a lot of vocation, concentration, and commitment to succeed. 

If you are constant, persevering, looking to improve every day and learn more about your work, you will surely achieve success. 

Not only should you spend time writing your posts, which can be strenuous since it is a job that might take hours, but you should also spend time building your portfolio website, promoting your work, establishing connections with other colleagues in your niche, among other things. 

It may sound overwhelming, but working with discipline you will get satisfying results that will encourage you to keep going.

An excellent plan to advance and grow professionally is to set short-term and long-term goals. 

Define what you would like to do in the short term, like starting to work for a client. 

In the long term, you could establish stable work for a client or earn a certain amount of money each month. 

Having discipline is key to achieving the daily goals that you set for yourself. 

Being a freelance blogger you have a lot of freedom to work any time you want and this is great, but that same flexibility can work against you. 

Establish a work schedule and respect it, and also include rest hours and days off. This will keep you fresh but productive.

Consistently Evaluate Yourself 

You are your own boss, so evaluate yourself. 

Take time to reread articles you have made and annotate the things that you should have written better and what things you should improve in general. This is a good practice to appreciate how much you have improved and to keep doing an excellent job.

It is important to notice not only the things that you did wrong but also those that you did well. Accepting that you have done a good job will make you feel satisfied but you can also try to improve them. 

Every good job you do you can get better for the next time, this is something that will generate more confidence in your work. 

All freelance bloggers make mistakes, so do not feel bad when this happens to you. 

Some of those mistakes might be getting involved in a project that did not go as well as expected, accepting a job with a low payment and realizing it too late, or even doing your SEO optimization wrong. 

What is important is to accept those things that you did not do well and think about how you can avoid that in the future.

Scale-Up and Evaluate Your Abilities to Quit Your Day Job 

One day you are at the office, very stressed, then you decide to quit and the next day you are in your bed, wearing your favorite pajamas, earning thousands of dollars. 

Well, things definitely do not work that way. 

The hardest part of freelance blogging is getting started and creating your own niche. It takes a lot of time and energy. 

Therefore, if you are thinking about the idea of starting a business from home, do so while keeping your office job. 

When you are sure that you will succeed in online business, that is, you have already gained some popularity and you have constant customers, you can dedicate yourself to this full time.

As you already know, success does not happen overnight. 

Like any other business you start, being a freelance blogger requires discipline, patience, and consistency to succeed. 

There may be a moment where you feel that you are doing everything right but you still do not see results and that is where you must be patient. 

Stay perseverant! 

All the time and work you invest in your career as a freelance blogger will be rewarded.

Stop Doubting and Start Doing What You Love

The good news is that you can make a living from freelance blogging and be happy doing what you are passionate about. 

It is inevitable to spend many hours of our life working, so you must enjoy your work. 

To begin you do not need to have the skills, but to make the decision and start making an effort to learn everything you need. You will surely achieve it!

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