8 Step Guide To Becoming A Virtual Assistant On Fiverr [2021]

While you may think competition on Fiverr makes it hard to start freelancing there, it is certainly not out of reach.

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Fiverr is one of the multiple web platforms with which you can generate income working from home or from anywhere in the world and an excellent place to boost your freelance career as a virtual assistant. 

Currently, the platform has 2.4 million active members, which means that it is an attractive platform that truly generates results. Here you can offer your services to potential clients, make yourself known, and sell your products. 

However, Fiverr works in a somewhat different way than its competitors, so here you will learn how to use the platform to get your first customers and start making money.

One question that all novice freelancers have is whether freelance sites are really worth it

The answer is yes, but you must invest time in these platforms, in growing your reputation, and correctly selling your services if you want to see results. All of this added to a good amount of perseverance and patience.

1. Create Your Account


First things first: you must register on Fiverr. This is super easy to do and it will not cost you a dollar since this is a platform that is completely free. 

Go to the main page and there you will find the “Join” button (make sure you are on the “become a seller” section). There you will choose whether to register using an email (you can use an email exclusively for work matters), or enter through one of the suggested platforms.

Source: www.fiverr.com

2. Complete Your Profile


You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Have you heard that before? 

In Fiverr, customers can see your profile, see what you propose and who you are. That is your opportunity to attract attention and the first step to achieve it is captivating them with your profile. 

Remember that one of the values of every virtual assistant is trust, so if you fill out your profile with all the necessary information, the client will be able to know you better and will see you as someone to whom they could entrust the tasks of their business.

The first thing you have to know is that you must fill in each field of information that appears available in your profile. 

Each area of the profile has the purpose that the client knows who you are and that you reveal the potential and the preparation that you have. 

Remember that just as you want to work with a trustworthy client, clients are also looking for freelancers they can trust and it will be through your profile that they will get to know you. 

If you leave spaces blank or unanswered, it might seem to clients that you do not give much importance to your freelance profile or even that you are not a real person. 

By filling in your profile, clients will realize that you meet the necessary requirements to work with them. That will give them an idea of who you are and what you do.

3. Fill Every Segment


Profile Picture


Make sure your face is clearly visible and try to look nice, wear appropriate clothes that also reflect your personality. 

Maybe you did not know this, but the profile picture you choose is very important to impress potential customers. 

In some freelance platforms, it is proven that having a profile photo gives you more chances of being contacted for a job proposal, but for that, you must know how to choose your profile photo very well.



In this section, you should talk about who you are, give an introduction about yourself, and explain what you do and what you specialize in. 

You can also talk about why you are passionate about being a virtual assistant. Keep it concise but informative.



Being a virtual assistant it is very likely that you will run into clients who, apart from speaking English, also speak another language and therefore need to work with someone who understands them. 

Speaking a language other than English can open up more job opportunities, so if you master another language, do not forget to mention it in your profile.



In Fiverr, you can perform tests to show potential clients that you are truly qualified to fulfill the roles they need. 

When performing any test, you can show the results on your profile and thus attract the attention of those who visit it. This will make clients see you as a reliable and professional freelancer.



This is a super important part that you should not forget to complete. This section is about mentioning all those skills that you own, the ones that make you a successful virtual assistant. 

They can be both soft and hard skills. Not only talk about things of your character, such as that you are punctual and responsible, but also about the programs or software that you use. 

In Fiverr you can only mention 10 skills so choose the ones that are most relevant or important.



Although you do not need a degree to work as a virtual assistant, clients will always give importance to your academic training. Here you can include online courses that you have done or any study that is related to your work.

4. Create A New Gig


The first thing you should do is fill out the overview of your gig. Then you are going to put the title of your gig and it should be a direct and simple answer to the question “What will you do?” for example “I will organize your daily tasks for $ 5”.

Source: www.fiverr.com

Then select the virtual assistance category or a related one and some keywords from your post. 

In the requirements, you are going to write the instructions that the buyer must follow to successfully obtain your product or service, such as filling out a form, sending a file, or choosing a package. 

Finally, you can add images, documents, or videos to your gig gallery and publish. Also, setting the prices is an important part that each virtual assistant on Fiverr must pay attention to start getting their first clients. 

5. Set Competitive Prices


To earn money on Fiverr you can create a basic package or 3 different types of packages with special services depending on what you are going to sell. 

On the next page, you will make a description of what exactly you offer, for example, if you will give them a daily to-do list, if you will answer their emails, answer their calls, among others.

The prices of your packages can range from $5 – $995. Of course, the basic package should be the cheapest and the premium package will be the most expensive. 

However, it is recommended that if you are just starting out in this social network, keep all prices low so that you can get your first customers, and later when you already have more experience and reputation, you can change the prices.

6. Learn How to Sell Your Packages


Choose A [Captivating] Name For Your Packages 


Be creative and give each package a title. This is something that you can use as a strategy so that interested clients decide on the most complete package that generates more profits. 

Make it clear to them that the most expensive package is the most professional and useful. Although of course, you still have to imply that the other packages are also useful and important.

Number of Packages 


Although it is not mandatory to create three packages, it is something that will increase the chances that a customer will buy your service. If a package does not convince them, they will have two other options to get hooked on your work.

Clarify the Specs


This has to do with delivery time and the number of possible revisions of a job. If you let this clear, you will avoid complications or misunderstandings in the future. 

Of course, these are aspects that will vary depending on the cost of the package. If it is a premium package, make sure that it includes additional revisions and that it is delivered in the shortest possible time.

Add Ons 


In Fiverr you can also add extras to complement the services you have already sold. For example, it may happen that the client is comfortable with your work but would like to extend a certain service more, such as not only contacting their clients but also a list of potential clients. That is when you can use the add on to charge for that extra. Fiverr suggests some default extra services but if yours does not appear on that list, you can create your own.

7. Start Working


When you have your profile completed and your gigs ready, it is time to start working and capturing clients. 

On Fiverr there is a lot of competition but that does not mean that you cannot make a place for yourself on the platform. For that same reason, you should work hard and be patient, to start seeing the first results. 

Here are some tips that will help you a lot:

  • Look at what the competition is doing. On Fiverr you can see who the top freelancers are. Look at their gigs, how they describe them, how many types of gigs they have, what words to use and how they write their texts. This can serve as an example to see how to build your profile correctly.


  • Be constant to see results. Things can be difficult especially when you are just starting out on a platform and the reality is that you will hardly see the results you expect overnight. Do not leave your Fiverr profile a week and focus on what things you can improve to attract the attention of customers.


  • Take online courses to expand your knowledge and experience, so you can continue to improve your profile and become a better prepared virtual assistant. This is something clients pay a lot of attention to as they want to work with the best professionals they can afford.

8. Promote Your Work


Share your profile on your social networks, so you can receive attention from the public you have on those platforms. You can also ask friends or acquaintances to also share your profile and thus you will become better known. 

Have a portfolio that you can show, either within your profile on Fiverr or by creating your own website

This is so that clients have a place to see your past work, this will help them understand your work capacity, your professional level and what type of work you usually do. 

You can also join groups of freelancers, entrepreneurs or businesses on Facebook and promote your services there, sharing your Fiverr profile. 

You never know who might be looking for a virtual assistant like you, so you should take every possible opportunity.

Source: listendesigner.com

Courses That Will Help You Master Fiverr


It is worth investing time in learning how to get the best out of Fiverr as it is an investment that will translate into customers and profits. 

Do not let the process of getting started with a new job platform overwhelm you. 

If so many people use Fiverr as their main source of work, you can too. Here are several courses you can take to become a productive virtual assistant on Fiverr.

Common Questions About Fiverr


Is Fiverr Reliable?


Of course. Fiverr has been in the market for more than 10 years and has thousands of users. Its top freelancers help confirm that it is entirely possible to make a successful freelance career using this platform. 

Although of course, surely there is always some malicious user who wants to take advantage of some freelancer. 

To avoid this, try that all payments are made through the platform and never get involved in “jobs” that ask you for an investment to start.

How Are the Payments In Fiverr?


From the moment you are notified through your email about a new purchase, you have the money saved on the platform. This money is not credited to you until the client is satisfied with your work. 

The client has a period of 3 days to express it, otherwise the platform assumes that they are satisfied. 

You will be able to have your money 15 days later. You can transfer the money to different electronic payment services such as PayPal, Payoneer card or personal account.

Is There A Lot Of Competition On Fiverr?


Of course. There is a ton of competition, but do not be discouraged. 

Concentrate on making your offer by publishing your gigs on which you want to work, wait for a client to request your services and stand out in what you do to retain your clients.

If it costs you a lot to get the first client, it is best to improve the offer. Offer your first clients unlimited work review until you learn. 

You will see that with a good job it will not be necessary to remove this option, since the first time they will be satisfied. If you do a good job, you have the option of being tipped $5 or more.

This job can give you a lot of satisfaction, you can earn a lot of money but it requires an orderly, disciplined person, with dedication and a lot of responsibility that are the key characteristics of a successful virtual assistant.

Fiverr Allows You To Grow As A Virtual Assistant


Fiverr is an excellent platform where you will not have to chase job offers but you will have to learn how to promote yourself to stand out and get clients. 

It is easy to learn to use and there are many courses that can also help you achieve it. 

Creating your first gig is simple, you just have to focus on giving a good explanation about what it is about and making potential clients understand that they need you in their work team. 

Of course, it is also essential to be A hard-working and willing to learn freelancer in order for you to have the necessary perseverance to work daily and little by little become a highly demanded virtual assistant.

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