10 Best Freelance Tech Jobs To Learn [Beginner Friendly]

With tech being all around us, choosing a niche to learn could be confusing. Knowing your options and opportunities will avoid wasting of time.

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Lately, the freelance workforce related to technology is the one that has grown the most in the United States and studies indicate that it will continue to grow in the following years. 

If you are interested in belonging to this growing market, here you will find the top 10 freelance tech jobs to learn the different ideal options in case you  don’t know in what skill to invest your time to become an expert. 

Before choosing there are several things that you should evaluate, such as the career path, the topics that interest you and what are the projections of that work in the future. 

1. Cybersecurity


On the Internet, both companies and individuals are exposed to a large number of dangers that can cause considerable damage. 

For this reason, the issue of cybersecurity also known as digital security, is now more current than ever and not only refers to Internet security, but also to other aspects and sectors of information and communication technologies.

Anyone who wants to work in cybersecurity will need to have the fundamental knowledge and technical understanding of networks. 

You will also need to know, or learn, about some basic and necessary areas such as server operation, network operation, and cloud services, and how firewalls work. 

If you do not know about these topics do not worry, the important thing is that you have the disposition and that you start studying them.

Those who work in this area are in charge of making a computer security risk analysis to determine the level and impact, know the weaknesses and strengths of the company and individuals, to have more control, monitor and establish strategies to protect them from cyberattacks. 

It is a growing industry and it is a market that is expected to reach $ 170.4 billion in the next few years.

Career Path

  • Security Architect
  • Security Consultant
  • Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

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2. Customer Success Engineer


Companies can no longer be content with acquiring customers but have the responsibility to retain them and lead them towards the fulfillment of their objectives. 

These results are handled by the Customer Success Engineer. 

A CSE (Customer Success Engineer) is the professional responsible for guiding and integrating the client in the dynamics of the company so that, in this way, they can benefit to the maximum from the service or product they acquired.

The CSE is the one who performs the onboarding of the client, contextualizing it with the methods of use, work tools, and internal processes related to the service or the platform that it will have to manage. 

This profession became the point of support to enhance the business vision of those who seek solutions in a company. 

Customer support engineers must have knowledge about managing internet and telephone services since that will be how they will respond to technical problems. 

Also, depending on the company for which they work, they must have a notion about areas of marketing or manufacturing. They must always keep abreast of the company’s products and, most importantly, know about computer software.

Source: smartkarrot.

Career Path

  • Technical Support
  • Support Engineer
  • Customer Service

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3. Mobile and App Development


Mobile application development is similar to web application development and has its roots in more traditional software development. 

A fundamental difference, however, is that mobile applications are specially made to take advantage of the special features that a cell phone offers. 

For example, a gaming app could be written to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer.

The mobile application developer has the ability to design the user interface of each application that is presented to him. It uses information and communication technologies to capture content so that users can make the most of it. 

This type of developer will work designing application interfaces and application logic, code in applications, and conducting tests. They are also responsible for modifying configurations and creating distributable application packages.

It is projected that by 2022 the consumption of apps will increase by 92% and that it will continue to grow in the coming years, so it is a skill with a lot of demand and that is becoming more and more necessary. 

Knowledge such as application deployment in an app store and knowledge of the mobile development life cycle will help you if you want to get started in this area.

Career Path

  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Builder of User Interfaces

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4. Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is one of the ones with the best projection in the market, so it is a good skill in which to venture. 

Deloitte Insights conducted a study and showed that 86% of those surveyed think that Blockchain technology is growing and that in the future it will be used by everyone. 

Blockchain technology was originally used as an accounting method for the virtual currency Bitcoin, that uses Blockchain to ensure the security of transactions.

Although Blockchain is closely related to new cryptocurrencies, it can also be applied for public or government services, property registration, and payments in the real world. 

Blockchain can be applied to many things, it all depends on your interest and intention. The most necessary thing to dabble in this skill is to have knowledge of how cryptocurrencies work.

Those who work with this technology are responsible for using cryptography to ensure that the records made are encrypted and that only the holders of a private key can access them, not to modify them but to demonstrate that they are owners of the data registered there. 

This is a niche where freelancers are dabbling more and more. According to Upwork, Blockchain is in the top 20 of the skills that have increased the most on its platform. 

Career Path

  • Content Writer About Blockchain
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Crypto Community Manager

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5. Technical Writing


The job of a technical writer is important because they take complicated information and make it usable and accessible to the audiences that need that information. 

Technical writers are more than just writers, they are technical communicators who create technical documents. These people must have an understanding of technology, the ability to write clearly, and be good at showing ideas graphically. 

Technical writers often produce documents such as instruction manuals, how-to guides, magazine articles, and other documents that convey complex ideas, all related to technology. 

These documents can also include multimedia pieces, such as videos, audio files, and interactive presentations.

Just as the name implies, technical writers cover technical information in industries such as medicine, information technology, software development, and manufacturing. 

While designers and engineers create the model for the actual product or service, technical writers create the model to explain how to use it. This industry is projected to grow 7% in the next decade, which means a faster increase than the average for occupations.

Career Path

  • Information developers.
  • Content developers.
  • Content writers.
  • Manual writers.
  • Documentation specialists.
  • Information designers.

Recommended Courses


6. Web Development


Web developers design, create and maintain web pages and applications. They work on Internet sites and are generally employed by companies specializing in the development of specialized programs or computer consulting. 

These professionals have the option of working directly for the corporation or independently as freelancers.

Most web developers work on the software, database, or coding of a website. 

On the other hand, there are others who deal with the design and interface of the page. 

However, there are experts in the area with the ability to assume the aspects described above, offering a more complete service, known as Full-Stack Developers.

To be a web developer you must learn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS languages as a way to start since there are many other languages that would also be good to learn but are not essential to start. 

You should also practice constantly and whenever possible, choose a language and type of web development in which to specialize. Web development is also a growing industry and is expected to grow 8% within the next decade, so it is certainly a niche with a future.

Career Path

  • Front-End Developer.
  • Back-End Developer.
  • Full-Stack Developer.
  • WordPress Developer.

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7. Computer Network


People who are dedicated to the Computer Network are responsible for studying and analyzing strategies to improve the structure of the network and its development. 

Their goal is to optimize the operation of hardware and software and they are also responsible for monitoring the performance of these elements.

These professionals also tend to fix problems related to the malfunction of computer systems and attend emergencies where there are softwares that must be fixed immediately. 

The number of Computer Network Professionals grew 5% in the last 5 years so it is expected to maintain positive growth. 

If you are interested in working in this area you must be interested in the operation of computers, have knowledge about softwares and operating systems.

Although technical skills are very important, clients and employers also place great importance on freelancers that they can work as a team and that they can communicate clearly. 

Customer service skill is also very valuable, as it will be something you will need to do often if you decide to work in this niche.

Career Path

  • Telecommunications Technical Specialists
  • Network Analysts
  • Network Administrators

Recommended Courses


8. AI and Machine Learning


AI is a set of algorithms that learn and evolve over time, increasingly improving their task and machine learning is a subset of the AI discipline that aims to develop methodologies and techniques that allow machines to learn. 

According to The Economist, 47% of the work done by humans will have been replaced by robots by 2037 and while this may sound daunting to many people, it is an excellent prospect for those who decide to work in this niche.

Artificial intelligence is applied in logistics processes, the creation of autonomous cars, medicine, computer vision, music generation, natural language processing, among others. 

AI is applicable to almost everything you do and can impact on a global scale. 

To dedicate yourself to AI you must have or learn programming skills, have a knack for mathematics and physics, have a genuine taste for technology, and have great analytical and synthetic skills. 

Freelancers interested in seeking employment in this field require concrete education based on the fundamentals of mathematics, technology, logic, and engineering perspectives. 

Written and verbal communication skills are also essential to convey how AI tools and services are used effectively in industry settings and you must certainly be interested in technology and digital transformation.

Career Path

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Recommended Courses


9. SEO Specialization


To start operating as an SEO specialist it is essential to have a good foundation, even if your profession develops in a highly variable context. 

There is no degree in SEO as such, but you can study for an SEO specialization. 

An SEO specialist works with three areas: technical, sociological, and marketing. These professionals try to understand user searches to adapt them to their business and create digital strategies. 

It is a practical profession that needs to be constantly testing, forecasting, and analytics. 

The job of an SEO specialist focuses on attracting organic traffic and generating income from the website. 

This professional acquires additional skills by studying for an SEO specialization. You may be able to create content, rely on user experience, and create new digital strategies, all to survive in the online world.

SEO optimization is super important for companies because it drives 1000% + more traffic than organic social media, which means that SEO is essential for companies to make themselves known. 

As this is so important, it is certainly a niche where more and more professionals are needed.

Career Path

  • Business Marketing Consultant
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Marketing Analyst

Recommended Courses


10. Data Science


There is currently a great demand for data scientists, for example, in the United States alone it is estimated that 190,000 data scientists will be needed next year. 

Currently, Data Science is taking a lot of strength from among the different fields of information. 

It consists of extracting knowledge from the data to process it and be able to focus it on different fields such as statistics, data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics. 

Ultimately, Data Science is a field that encompasses absolutely everything related to data cleaning, preparation, and analysis, and applies to virtually any professional sector. 

A Data Scientist’s function is to understand all the information and to be able to make predictions about the future. 

In particular, you have to analyze data, sometimes incomplete or messy, and obtain information. Sometimes the data you have to work with is large in volume, which is challenging. 

A Data Scientist needs a series of skills to be able to practice their profession in any of the jobs for which they can apply. 

The first thing you need if you want to work in this field is to have a deep knowledge (or learn) of programming languages: mainly R, Python, Java, Perl, C, and C ++. They are the most widely used languages in the field of data science.

Career Path

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Applications Architect
  • Enterprise Architect

Recommended Courses


Pro Tips to a Succeeding Career Path

Always Strive for Improvement


To stay relevant as a freelancer in your niche market, you must look for ways to stand out and the best way is by becoming a professional that any client would like to have. 

You will achieve that by studying, preparing, and instructing yourself. 

Many times people make the mistake of thinking that they only have to study when they are just starting out, but the reality is that if you always keep learning, you will be an excellent professional in your area.



Learning, reading, and taking courses is great for growing your career, but you will not achieve anything if you do not practice. 

You must keep your skills up to date and thus you will strengthen your knowledge in a better way. 

Platforms like Upwork are ideal for freelancers who are just starting out and want to start gaining experience. 

On the other hand, to get clients and therefore experience, you can also create a website portfolio where your potential clients can contact you. 

If you do not know how to create one or where to start, you can read this guide on how to create a portfolio website.

Have a Routine


Being freelance means being your own boss, so for that very reason you must be disciplined with yourself. In order to take courses, work, and progress in the job you chose, you must be disciplined and have a work routine. 

In this routine, you should respect the start time, avoid distractions, and even include moments of rest so that you do not get saturated with work.

It is a mistake not to establish a schedule in which you can freely develop your work activities. 

You could incur serious failures, such as missing deadlines, or working so many hours that you neglect your personal life. 

To be an efficient worker and enjoy the benefits that it brings, it is necessary to set a work schedule according to your needs and lifestyle.

Be Organized


For conventional workers, maintaining discipline and focus can be a simple task. 

But, when you are a freelancer and you must manage on your own, the organization becomes the fundamental pillar for your good performance. 

It may sound exaggerated but for a freelancer, the organization is the basis of their work. 

To meet the goals, you must have the discipline to do them without distractions and this is achieved by maintaining focus.

Succeeding in a Career Path Requires Dedication


One of the most important things to be successful is having the right attitude. 

In your niche, you will find many talented colleagues full of skills, but what will make the difference between them and you is the dedication you have and the effort with which you carry out all your projects. 

To obtain good results you must work hard and in that way and with patience you will obtain satisfactory results.

Technology is worth your time


The area of technology advances more and more and there are many jobs that you can explore where you will surely find an area of your interest. 

Jobs such as web development, technical writing, customer success engineer and many others are projected with great growth for years to come, so they are good skills in which to invest your time and effort.

The good thing about all the jobs on this list is that you will also find many career path options that will surely attract you. 

If you are passionate about technology, you will surely find a job that fits your preferences and goals.

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