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Your time and effort should be put into a skill that is viable for the future and that you like

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If you are a freelance programmer with a desire to grow your career or take it to a more advanced level, you should be aware of the best programming skills for a (lucrative) freelancing career that are out there. 

Having extensive knowledge on this topic will assure you to get clients and become a benchmark in your niche.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freelancer, you should not miss out on knowing these skills to get the most out of your freelance career.

Most Popular Programming Skills to Freelance

Javascript, PHP, Python, C, Ruby, in computing there are many programming languages capable of creating or improving programs.

Some are basic to learning, others are so complex that only the most experienced programmers can use it.

With so many options, it is not easy to know which are the most used programming languages that you can learn and get a lucrative result from it.

Choosing one is not easy. Since this is a recurring question, here are the most popular programs so you can know what is the best programming language based on your interests, personal motivations, and job market demand.

1. Java

Source: Indeed

What is special about Java is that this is the first purely object-oriented programming language. Java adds to the capabilities of the C ++ language and Java is said to owe a lot to C and C ++ in terms of functionality and capabilities.

The Java language is used to develop business applications and video games.

It can be used to develop web applications when used in conjunction with the Java Server Pages.

Using it, you can compile the Java source code once, and then you can run the resulting application on any system, regardless of the operating system or hardware, as long as the system has the Java Virtual Machine installed.

If you want to develop your Java skills, at Udemy you can take the Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer course.

It is an extensive course that will help you understand the program and includes practices that will make you gain real-world experience.

2. JavaScript

Source: Indeed

JavaScript is a very used language and has earned a lot of importance in the programming field because it is practical, useful, and it is available in any web browser.

Virtually all web pages run some type of JavaScript code and it is also a language that allows you to develop giant and powerful applications.

For example, JavaScript runs while you do a Google search or while browsing through Facebook.

Since it is not complicated to learn how to use this language, you should put effort into mastering it as it is usually in high demand.

Another advantage is that it will be much easier for you to learn this language if you already have knowledge of Python or PHP.

EDX offers the Programming for the Web with JavaScript course and is taught by the University of Pennsylvania.

It is ideal for learning fundamental concepts of the World Wide Web (WWW) and how through JavaScript you can create interactive web applications.

3. Python

Source: Indeed

Python is another popular programming language, which is often considered the easiest language to learn due to its simplicity, readability, and simple, straightforward syntax.

Currently, several very famous and robust websites operate using this popular programming language, including,, and

Python is quickly becoming the most widely used language by developers for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning projects.

Python also has associated web infrastructures that make developing web applications using this language more convenient.

It is also widely used for scientific computing, data mining, and machine learning.

Its flexibility is what has made Python so popular.

The Udemy course platform has a Learn Python Programming Masterclass that is made to learn how to use this language fast.

Apart from teaching fundamental aspects, you can learn how to develop your own programs and everything is dictated by professionals.

4. C Language

Source: Indeed

The C language is used mainly to develop low-level applications, since it is considered the closest language to hardware among all languages, with the exception of assembly language.

C language is definitely one of the best programming languages you can learn, especially for newbies who want to build a long-term career in programming.

The C language is the ancestor of other programming languages like C ++, Java, C #, JavaScript, and Pearl.

Learning C language can be a good starting point if you want to dive into other languages since it works as an introduction to many others.

Through EDX, Dartmouth College offers the C Programming: Getting Started course.

It is perfect to start learning how to use this language and you will be able to create your own C-programs.

Taking this course can prompt you to start working with computer engineering clients.

5. C++ Language

Source: Indeed

C ++ is one of the most widely used languages in the world, and that is why it has a well-deserved place in the list of the most used programming languages.

Several important internet browsers and all Adobe Software applications were developed using C ++.

Other than that, popular softwares – such as Windows – has been developed in C ++ for its fast compilation and processing mechanism.

In addition, there is a large demand for C ++ developers in the developer job market, and this demand is expected to continue to increase even further.

With the A Complete Introduction to the C ++ Programming Language course on the Udemy platform, you will be able to write, compile, link, and run C ++ programs and the best thing is that you will learn it in an easy step by step way.

To take this course you only need to have very basic maths knowledge.

6. C#

Source: Salary

C # combines the robustness of the C ++ language with the advanced functionality of Java.

So if you are good at programming in Java, it is extremely easy to learn to program in C #, and vice versa.

Also, there are many types of apps that you can develop using the C # language.

Considering the importance of using the C # language in Microsoft applications, this is a language that you definitely should learn if you are interested in creating apps for Windows.

On the other hand, there is a significant job demand for C # programmers so you will easily find projects to join. 

If you want to learn the fundamentals of programming using C # you can take the Complete C # Masterclass course available on Udemy and you will even learn to create video games using C # and Unity 3D.

7. PHP

Source: Indeed

PHP is an open-source language, with embedded HTML programming that is usually used to create dynamic web pages.

Also, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages, used throughout the world to develop dynamic websites.

PHP is a language that every programmer should learn if they plan to build a career as a web developer.

PHP is also used in the platforms of some popular social networks and other websites.

There is a huge job demand for PHP developers so they can easily find decent jobs.

Using PHP you can create a website and for that Udemy offers a course, Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website.

To do this you must have basic knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and HTML and as a result, you will learn how to build a complete website.

8. Swift

Source: Indeed

Swift was created by Apple to do development on iOS and macOS devices.

This language has a simpler syntax – for example, with just a few lines of code programmers can do much more than they could by using the Objective-C language.

The way this language combines security and speed makes Swift an excellent choice for programming everything.

Learning Swift has become an excellent introduction to modern programming concepts, and best practices to follow.

Using Swift is a great way to write software, whether it is for phones, desktops, servers, or any other system that runs code.

In edX, the Mobile App Development with Swift course is available, given by Curtin University.

With this course, you will be able to create your very first iOS app and optimize the writing of your codes.

9. SQL

Source: Indeed

Structured Query Language, popularly known as SQL, is not a software development language, but a database query language, and it allows you to interact with the basic data of an app.

It is not hard to learn how to use SQL, and it is probably the closest language to English in terms of its syntax. 

A lot of apps have a database in the background, and to be able to interact with that database you need a solid knowledge of SQL.

Like JavaScript, just knowing SQL will not help you to get a job.

However, having a good command of SQL will give you extra points over other freelancers, so you should not discard the idea of learning this language.

Taking into account that SQL is a database query language, IBM offers a course through EDX specifically applied to extract data from databases: SQL for Data Science.

Some of the useful things you will learn with this course are to create a database in the cloud and how to apply foundational knowledge of the SQL language.

10. Ruby

Source: Indeed

Ruby is the foundation of Ruby on Rails, a web development infrastructure with which many well-known websites have been built, such as Airbnb, Shopify, Groupon, Scribd and even Hulu. Similar to Python, Ruby is also a simple and readable programming language primarily focused on web application development.

Ruby is considered to be a combination of several of the most famous features of Lisp, Eiffel, and Pearl.

Ruby is also in wide demand in the job market, and Ruby developers are currently being paid very well for their work.

If this is the first time you have heard of Ruby or if you know it but do not know how to use it, this Udemy course could be very useful for you: Ruby Programming From Scratch: No Experience Required.

The best thing about this course is that it is designed for beginners and you really do not need any prior knowledge. 

11. Objective C

Source: Payscale

Objective-C was initially developed at Apple.

The purpose of developing the Objective-C programming language was to address the shortcomings in the C language.

The main limitation of the C language was object orientation, which led many developers to create languages that incorporated an object-oriented paradigm. 

As a result, the C ++ and Objective-C languages were developed.

However, Objective-C became immensely popular due to its use in the development of applications for the iPhone and iPad.

A solid understanding of Objective-C could help you land a job at a company that develops software applications that are used on Apple hardware.

Additionally, the freelance industry also has a huge demand for Objective-C programmers spanning the globe.

As you now know, creating applications for iOs is one of the most popular uses of this language.

If you are interested in learning how to create applications using Objective C, Udemy has a very useful course at your disposal: The Complete iOS Swift + Objective-C Developer Course.

12. R Language

Source: Payscale

The R language is used for statistical computation and the generation of statistical graphics.

Besides being a programming language, it is also a programming environment.

This language is commonly used for experts in the data science niche and machine learning.

Due to its operation and simple interface, this language is getting more used each year.

You can download R for free, which is under the GNU license.

Also, you can use the packages that belong to GNU to develop commercial apps.

On Udemy you will find Statistics in R – The R Language for Statistical Analysis.

This course will help you a lot if you want to learn more about statistical programming.

Basically, the content of these classes aims to develop your knowledge about descriptive and inferential statistics.


Source: Payscale

MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic information element is a matrix that does not require dimensioning.

This language is ideal for everything related to numbers and mathematical operations, a feature that is not usual in other programming languages.

Engineers and scientists in both work and academics use MATLAB for projects in deep learning and machine learning, signal processing, and processes related to communication media such as images and videos.

Besides that, MATLAB is also used for computational processes. 

If you want to learn how to create error-free MATLAB programs, MATLAB Comprehensive Training on Udemy is a great course you could take.

This course focuses on teaching you how to avoid programming errors as much as possible, which is ideal if you plan to specialize in this system.

14. Go

Source: Payscale 

Go is an open-source programming language. Its main virtues are simplicity and multifunctionality.

The syntax of Go is similar to that of C (with a garbage collector and a vast standard library), and it is intended to shorten the development process so that it also allows large executable files to be created on a single computer in a short time.

With Go is accessible to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Currently, it is widely used by large companies, such as Google, Adobe, Dropbox, Github, and Netflix. Job offers for experts in this language increase seasonally.

Udemy offers Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language, a useful course for both beginners and experienced developers.

This language is increasingly on the rise and being used by such important platforms, the demand for developers who handle this language grows more and more.

Languages with More Job Opportunities

Undoubtedly there is a niche and a demand for each type of language that a developer handles, so in general, the recommendation is that if you want to specialize in a language, choose the one that best suits your interests and knowledge.

However, Indeed states that this would be the average salary and current ranking of job opportunities in the programming area:

Source: towardsdatascience

Important Skills to Have as a Programming Freelancer

These are some tips that are key and essential if you want to be a successful freelance programmer.

By following these recommendations and with great perseverance and discipline, you can become an expert.

These are requirements that you can adapt to your lifestyle and that will surely help you to develop success in all the projects you undertake.


This is something that applies to any freelancer.

You must have good communication with your client to be able to get the result that they want.

Having good communication is not only about constantly talking to them, but about understanding their language, being honest when you think an idea is not as good as they think, keeping them abreast of the creative process. 

If you have good communication with your client, there will be no loose ends and all the details of the project will be well defined and thus you will avoid misunderstandings.


Although it is recommended that you define which programs you want to work with and that you specialize in them, it is also good that you do not close yourself to testing your skills with other programs that you do not usually use.

Most likely, you will always meet clients who require your skills in different programs and if you can adapt to them you will be able to grow your network.

For a project to finish within the estimates previously made and without any problem, it is essential that the programmer has adaptability and tolerance to changes.

That is why this skill is so important since the technological world is changeable and volatile and requires good reciprocity before projects.

Therefore, any programmer who does not adapt will fail.


One of the most important things is organization and time management.

Time is money but when you are a freelance programmer, it is even more valuable.

By becoming self-employed, you are your own boss.

To work programming from home it is necessary that you establish a schedule through which to distribute the different tasks that you have in charge.

Establish a healthy schedule and that way you will have time for leisure and rest.

However, for this to be the case, during the established work periods you must organize yourself well, adhere strictly to the schedule, and work with discipline.


Everything on the internet changes very quickly, what works today, may not work tomorrow.

Therefore, even if you have experience in some topics, even if you are one of the best programmers out there, you have to continue training in the new advances of the operating system.

Learn to program on different platforms or on several programming languages and thus you can become a more complete developer within your field of work.

In addition, opening up to other fields within the world of programming can enrich you and open the door to other types of clients.


Learn to sell yourself as a professional and to sell your services.

You must be a good public relationist and salesperson if you want to get a job as a freelance programmer.

Communication and personal branding will be one of the most important keys to generating trust in potential clients and achieving projects.

At least you must have profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to be able to interact with your acquaintances or with other members who have something in common with the programming niche. 

Having a portfolio website where you can publish your completed projects or interesting information related to your field of work is also a good mechanism for visitors to learn about your skills and get potential clients.

Many freelancers use WordPress to create their website and Bluehost to host it since it offers cheap plans starting from $2.95 monthly.

Be a Freelancer Who Stands Out

Although there are many freelance programmers with skills and extensive knowledge in different languages, it is not only that what makes you a great programmer but also having skills that make you stand out from the rest. 

Being an expert in a programming language is something that will boost your freelance career, but if other than that you also have skills such as adaptability and good communication, you will be able to consolidate clients and create a lucrative freelance career.

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