8 Best Freelance Websites For Video Editors [Pros and Cons]

Knowing where to spend your time as a freelancer is as important as knowing how to acquire clients. Learn which freelance website is best for you.

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Freelance platforms are an excellent option for finding clients and one of the preferred job sources for many freelancers today since 73% of freelancers usually find their gigs that way. 

However, there are many options to choose from, especially if you are a video editor. 

For that reason, you should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages offered by each one so that you can choose the one that best suits your expectations and needs. 

1. Fiverr


Best for freelancers who want one-time gigs, short and with a higher volume of orders.

Fiverr is widely used for finding video editors who are experts in programs like Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects. 

This work platform follows a different structure from many other websites since instead of applying for job offers, it is the clients who will ask to hire your services. 

You should only configure your types of packages and what you want to offer in each of them. 

As for prices, you can offer anything starting at $5. Although the competition can be difficult to start, charging less than average can be a good option to start selling your services. 

Once you gain experience and good references, you can raise the price of what you offer.

On this platform the prices among the competition are usually similar so if you want to stand out, you should be as creative as possible (and as you want). 

The good thing about the millions of users on Fiverr is that there will always be someone interested in what you offer, and when you make sales you will receive a rating that will make you level up. 

Pro Tip: If you want to make sales, do not just stick to what a client would traditionally ask of you, such as selling one minute of editing. Imagine things that seeing them, someone would want to try. For example, to produce a newscast birthday or special occasion video.


2. Freelancer


Best for beginners.

While not all the clients you will find on Freelancer.com have a professional reputation, there are a lot of people looking to hire someone with your skills, so if you are just starting your career as a video editor and do not have much experience (or zero experience), this platform is an excellent place to find your first clients. 

However, you must take into account that the competition in Freelancer is very big because they do not have a selection filter and they accept everyone who enters the platform.

On Freelancer, users have the opportunity to use their profile in two ways, as contractors, and as freelancers. 

This can be useful if you are editing a video for a client but you need someone who is an audio expert to edit the sound of your project. Then Freelancer will not only help you to look for work but also find coworkers.

If you want to stand out and you are just a beginner, you should buy a premium subscription, so when you apply for a vacancy, your proposal will have priority for the client.

3. Upwork


Best for freelancers who want long-term jobs.

Currently on this platform, there are more than
2,600 job vacancies for video editors, and in many of them, they are looking for more than one video editor. 

In Upwork, you will find many job offers that are updated every hour and in which clients look for specialist editors in different areas, such as music videos or YouTube vlogs. 

On the other hand, recognized companies such as Airbnb, Microsoft, and Bissell usually hire freelancers through this platform, so it is an excellent place to grow professionally.

In Upwork, you must create your profile, fill it with all your data and work or academic experience. 

Remember that the more specific you are, the more likely you are to attract the attention of potential clients. 

There you can also create a portfolio to show your work and you can even create more than one portfolio. 

This will help you if you specialize in more than one type of editing software and you want to create separate portfolios for each one. 

As you complete jobs, you will gain a reputation on the platform. This will make you become a more valuable freelancer within the platform and that when a client looks for someone with your qualities, they will probably choose to contact you.

4. PeoplePerHour


Best for freelancers who want to charge by per hour work.

In addition to the possibility of applying to projects such as Freelancer and Upwork, PeoplePerHour offers the Hourlies modality: the freelancer offers a specific service at a fixed price, which the client can contract directly. 

Posting Hourlies is free, as is applying for jobs 15 times a month (which you can apply for free). If you want to apply for more, you have to buy credits. 

The commission system in PeoplePerHour depends on each month, not on the total amount of each job: 15% up to the first $280 of the month, and then drops to 3.5%. 

At the beginning of the month, it goes back up to 15%, but anyway it is still a lower percentage than other platforms.

In PeoplePerHour there are many categories that you can apply to, which help to further specify your work as a video editor. 

You can classify your talent according to the programs you use and the type of edits you usually do. 

If you still do not have much experience, the best thing you can do is define what you are going to specialize in so that you become an expert on that subject. 

If you are not sure, stay open to different offers and over time you will see which jobs you enjoy the most and which ones you are better at.

5. Behance


Best for freelancers who want to promote themselves using their portfolio.

While Behance is a popular website for creating portfolios, with this platform you can achieve much more. 
Like for example, finding a job as a video editor. 

There, you can self-promote your talent so that it is known around the world, especially in front of companies or other users that belong to professional sectors of the creative universe and are looking for inspiration.

Apart from being a community or “social network” for people with a creative professional profile, it is also a space where you can network with companies and people related to the video editing world. 

You can even access a job board and professional opportunities of all kinds that you can apply to as long as they fit your most demonstrable professional skills. 

Currently, the Behance portal has more than 10 million users and many companies that work with video editors are actively using its services.

If you are a beginner you probably feel that you cannot compete with so many professional editors, but seeing what the experts do will make you want to improve, grow professionally and keep you abreast of industry trends. 

On the other hand, being a beginner in freelance is also an alternative for those clients who are looking for a video editor on the platform but cannot afford a top professional.

6. ProductionHUB


Best for freelancers who want to work with experienced clients.

In ProductionHUB users usually search for video editors taking into account the city in which they reside, although, in the same way, there are vacancies that can be done remotely. 

Here you can create a profile that employers will find when they look for someone with your qualities. 

One of the benefits of this platform is that it is used by experts in the field, so you will not have to deal with inexperienced clients who have no idea what your work is worth. 

However, for this same reason, you will likely find it difficult to get a job if you are a beginner since most likely employers are looking for experienced people.

To use ProductionHUB you must pay for a subscription plan so that you can enjoy everything the platform offers, but due to the quality of clients you will find here, this could be considered one of the highest paying freelance websites for video editors. 

If you are not sure to pay, you can use the free 30-day trial. Paying this subscription guarantees that you will be able to access vacancies from responsible clients and many of them with a name within the industry. 

You can upload your reel and also testimonials from clients you have had, this will help your profile to be reliable and for clients to verify your experience and capacity.

7. Mandy


Best for freelancers with little experience and who want to enter the audiovisual industry.

According to the platform itself, they are the
number one jobs platform for creative professionals, and each month they have approximately 6500 new jobs related to production, so it is an excellent place if you want to find freelance work. 

Do not be fooled and think that this platform is only for professionals, because Mandy has the goal of being inclusive and that means that new freelancers regardless of their experience can be part of its community. That can be helpful to become a freelance video editor with no experience

On the other hand, here you will not have to wait for a client to contact you but you can take the initiative and contact employers directly.

To be part of Mandy you do not pay anything, since you can create your profile completely free, but that way you can only access its opportunities board, which is professional opportunities that will help you gain experience (especially if you are a beginner) but without receiving financial remuneration. 

However, if you want to access other benefits you can pay for the premium membership and enjoy a boosted search position, access to its employer directory, and most importantly: to their paid jobs board.

8. FlexJobs


Best for freelancers who want part-time freelance jobs.

While you may not find as many job openings as on other platforms, there is a fairly balanced demand and competition for video editors at FlexJobs. 

This website has become known for helping its users find the best part-time or full-time jobs as quickly as possible. 

Besides, it also offers online courses and seminars and anyone can use this website. Flexjobs offers its users information about thousands of recognized companies that have remote jobs, organizing them by category and location. 

In the  job description you will find that it specifies if it is a remote job, part-time or full-time offers.

Unlike most freelance job platforms, at FlexJobs you must pay a monthly subscription to access job offers. 

However, it is a very well invested money since on this platform you will find unique job offers that you will hardly see on other websites. 

Known companies usually publish offers here and those are opportunities that will make you grow professionally. 

Because each job offer that is published on the platform is manually reviewed to guarantee safety and quality to freelancers, to be part of this platform you must pay a monthly fee of $14.95.

This platform is very reliable and you can be sure that you will not find scams or fake job openings. 

Apart from the job categories where you will find important offers related to video editing, in FlexJobs you will also find skill tests, advice, and special discounts. 

Another important aspect is that there are opportunities for people both with or without experience which is great if you are  just entering the job market.

FAQ A Video Editor Looking For Freelance Website May Have


Should I Use Multiple Freelance Websites?


This is something that is left to your choice because using one or more will have different benefits or disadvantages. 

You can use just one and invest all your time in it, if you notice that you get favorable results you can focus on growing there instead of dispersing yourself in several platforms. 

On the other hand, if you still do not decide which platform to use, you can try several and evaluate which one works best for you. 

Keep in mind that on different platforms you can have different types of audiences and some may generate more demand than others.

What Can I Do To Find Jobs?


Aside from displaying your best work in your portfolio, never stop improving your skills. 

For that, you can take online courses and expand your editing knowledge, as well as learn to use new software. 

Make sure that each client leaves you a testimonial that shows other potential clients how good your work is.

Another good idea is that you take tests that demonstrate your skills (you will find that available on some platforms). 

Try to apply for vacancies where the demands fit your profile and thus you will have a better chance of being hired.

Try Freelance Websites And Take Your Career To The Next Level


Whatever level of experience you have, using a freelance website can make you grow professionally. 

Applying for openings will expose you to a market of potential clients who are looking for a freelancer with your qualities, and working with them can lead to other, better clients. 

With perseverance and patience, you can obtain the results you want on these platforms since like all work they require you to be persistent. 

Take the time to test the websites that interest you and be sure that you will receive interesting and profitable proposals.

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