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- June 28, 2020


Freelance Capsule

About Us

Since the gap emerged between self believing and aspiring freelancers with problems halting their growth, the need for platforms to help freelancers cope with these problems became prominent. 

Freelance Capsule is envisioned on a journey to solve this problem together with you and intends to guide freelancers towards their career growth and goals. 

We have built a growing one-stop platform for freelancers, who wants to become a successful freelancer. 


The motivation behind Freelance Capsule!

The freelance market is still rapidly growing along with the demand for highly polished problem-solving freelancers. 

Freelancers face lots of hurdles when they start, during their growth and throughout their careers; learning as you go is a crucial part to ensure growth and prosperity. 

This motivation pushed us to initiate Freelance Capsule to help freelancers grow, thrive and add value to their business.


We aim to guide you in the Right Direction

There are many skillful and passionate individuals with no proper strategy for a successful freelance career which can hinder even the most skilled freelancer. 

The process to achieve success in a freelance career starts from equipping yourself with the right applicable skills, a learning mindset, a workable marketing strategy, and business management skills. 


How do we help you make it?

You are not alone, other freelancers face the same obstacles and dilemmas; these setbacks fall into different categories that we have divided into 3 main topics.

We aim to help keeping your learning curve less time-consuming, more meaningful by providing practical and relevant information with equitable resources.

The required knowledge base is there for you to acquire! 


How to start and grow a Freelance Business

Learn everything from the basics to the more advanced queries that might be stopping you from paving your path to the freelancer you aspire to be.

To start with, this could be a motivational segment where you learn to get started with freelancing, that includes everything from the basics of; 

  • Selecting a skill and mastering it, 

  • Choosing the right platform to take initial flight, 

  • Presenting yourself as the right person for projects, 

  • Learning how to land projects and retaining clients,

  • The process of starting a freelance business, how to grow it, and then make it successful. 

Click at the link below to learn more about the basics of a freelance business:



Acquiring and Managing Clients 

In freelancing, getting clients is not only depending on your skills but your proposal presentation and communication. 

While there are many other factors and efforts involved in managing clients, educating yourself with the right knowledge and skillsets will aid communication with clients to develop into second nature.

There are many tasks involved that are adding value to a client’s project and are essential to acquire and retain clients. A freelancer needs to learn prioritization of task completion, time management and self discipline. 

While many skills develop over time, having prior knowledge helps to deal with upcoming situations better. 

Here you will learn more about clients and sales:



Personal Branding and Marketing of your Freelance Business

When we start, shouldn’t we know the presentation we need for ourselves! We become a brand in freelancing and that brand grows with the right marketing in place. 

Marketing is another hurdle where freelancers lack and yet a powerful tool to land new sales and seek growth. A resume is critical to any jobseeker, the importance of a portfolio is similarly essential to a freelancer.  

Digital imaging is how you get a representation of yourself in the digital world and it plays a vital role in building a great freelance portfolio. 

Learn more about marketing, portfolio building, and branding to push your sales and career in freelancing:



Start from here

Freelance Capsule has considerable growing learning resources for everyone. We have a humble and easy to roam platform for aspirants to explore.

If you need more information to consume and navigate through the learning resources, the Start Here page is the place to visit.

Explore what Freelance Capsule has to value your growth, we have put together a resource page with many useful tools to help you become efficient and concentrate on the more important tasks you have as a freelancer.

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